Wire Processing Machine

Suzhou Sanao Electronics is a professional wire processing machine manufacturer, based on sales innovation and service. As a professional company, we have a large number of professional and technical personnel, strong after-sales services and first-class precision machining technology. Our products are widely used in electronic industry, auto industry, cabinet industry, power industry and aerospace industry.Our company provides you with products and services of good quality, high efficiency and integrity.Our commitment: with the best price and the most dedicated service and tireless efforts to make customers improve productivity and meet customers' needs.Our mission: for the interests of customers, we strive to innovate and create the world's most innovative products.Our philosophy: honest, customers-centric, market-oriented, technology-based, quality assurance.Our service: 24-hour hotline services.You are welcome to call us.

Our products range

1 computer cable wire stripping machine

2 Auto. cable terminal crimping machine

3 Cable feeder machine

4 Wire tying machine

5 automatic tube cutting machine

High speed Servo Power Cable Cut and Stripping Machine

Max.150mm2 Fully Automatic Heavy Duty Wire Stripping Machine

Max.70mm2 New Energy Cable Cutting and Stripping Equipment

Power Cable Cutting and Stripping Machine

Electric Wire Cutting Stripping & Bending Machine

Automatic Wire Cutting Bending Machine

BV Hard Wire Stripping Bending Machine

Full Automatic Wire Cutting Stripping Bending Machine

Power cable Rotary Blade Cable Stripping Machine

Inductive Electric Cable Stripping Machine

16mm² Automatic Wire Cut Strip Bending Machine

Max.300mm2 Automatic Battery Cable and Heavy Wire Cut and Strip Machine

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