In-Line Insert Robot(RF331AI)

In-Line Insert Robot(RF331AI) Automatic Insert Robot Ruichi Robotics

Short Description:


High-precision nozzle

According to the customer’s different product components, the most suitable suction mouth and clamping are designed to provide protection for high-speed high-precision plug-ins.

Wide range of applications

The machine has a wide range of applications and strong compatibility. Compatible with relays, coils, Transformers, etc., equipped with multiple high-precision plug-in heads.

Z axis height detection device

The Z axis inspection can detect the height of the inserted components and effectively prevent the leakage of the components.

Rich feeding devices

Customers can select suitable feeders according to the incoming materials, and they can freely replace them.

Modular design, flexible application

Modular design, multiple configurations optional. High speed precision plug-in machine has a mature and stable high-speed movement platform, and the C + + platform control software is easy to program, simple to operate, automatic upper and lower boards can be flexibly integrated.



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