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LED-1000 LED AOI Jutze-AOI, SPI & Laser Marking

Detection speed reaches 3000mm²/s.
Standardized LED automatic optical inspection equipment.
It can perform appearance defect imaging on the front and back of the LED.
Dual track fast acquisition
The equipment adopts full-automatic loading and unloading and double-track quick image acquisition. It is inspected by machine vision and automatically rejects defective LED chips according to the inspection results.
Can perform appearance defect imaging on the front and back of the LED
Ion static elimination technology ensures the protection of materials during transmission, imaging, and poor processing
Ink mark
Use imported inkjet equipment to mark the detected appearance defect products with bad ink
Connection module
Connecting module with process equipment after LED packaging process

Equipment type: online automatic TOP LED packaging appearance inspection machine
Bracket size: 40mm x 20mm-90mm x 160mm (dual track)
Bracket thickness: 0.1mm or more
Resolution: 5μm-12μm (adjustable)
Dimensions: W2200 x D1520 x H1750 mm
Weight: 1600KG

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