UL-9072 Smoke Purification System

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UL-9072 Smoke Purification System Smoke Purification Equipment

 1.Integrative structure design,easy installation,agile movement,no need to lay any pipelines.
 2.Low noise.
 3.Large-power brushless DC fan generates large air flow.
 4.Triple filter design,remove hazardous substances from fume to ensure body safety.Prefilter and main filter can be replaced separately to make full use of filters and cut down cost.
5.Built-in air cycling filtering system,avoid discharging the cool/hot air outside.
6.Both air flow and arms are adjustable.
The application place
UL-9072 has a good purifying and filtering effect for soldering tin furnace ,soldering laser marking engraving ,factory welding ,grinding and other occasions such as smoke ,a small amount of dust ,odour and toxic and harmful gases. The product is suitable for point-to-point absorption of pollutants.
A),Modular design, layer by layer filter, to ensure that harmful dust is filtered more thoroughly. The purifying rate can reach 99.990.The primary filter element, the middle effect filter element, the high efficiency filter element can be replaced separately, the service life of the filter is longer and the replacement cost is lower.
B),Built-in cycle active filter to avoid indoor cooling / heating out of the outdoor, do not damage the operating area of temperature and humidity environment.

Model UL-9072
Static Pressure 2000Pa
System Flow Max 260m³/h
Filtering Efficiency Max 0.5um 99.9%
Power Consumption 200W
Input Voltage AC220V/110V 50HZ
Noise 50db
Dimensions  430(L)x230(W)x430(H)mm
Quantity of Arms 2
Weight 18kg
Air inlet and outlet interface 75mm

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